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THE MEMJET EVO ADJUSTABLE PERFORMANCE MODULE IS DESIGNED TO IMPROVE THE PERFORMANCE OF FUEL INJECTED MOTORCYCLES. The MEMJET Adjustable Performance Module has been engineered through years of research and development on the Dynamometer, Off-Road Enduros, Road Racing Bikes and FIM Land Speed Record Bikes. Our goal was to offer the enthusiast a simple to install power maker that would offer the end-user an adjustable inexpensive tuning device.The MemJet Module is simple to install and tune. It has Plug ‘n Play connectors that exactly match the OEM connectors on the subject application. It affords a simple, economical and efficient way to tune effectively without any expensive dyno-tuning needed. The MemJet Adjustable Module acts directly on the IAT sensor’s values. The IAT is one of the most important sensors that the ECU polls to call up the proper on-board Fuel Injection and Ignition mapping. The MemJet Module sends a colder/denser air value to the ECU through the IAT port; the ECU will then call up on-board mapping that will be more aggressive. The ECU will establish a new series of necessary changes to the Injection and Ignition mapping through an established algorithm within the ECU.When you increase the value on the MemJet dial you will progressively dial up more aggressive mapping. To find the best “Performance Mapping” for your application take a 5 -10 mile adjustment ride – Slowly increase the values on the MemJet Module dial until you find the perfect setting for excellent engine response at all RPMs. This will be the “Performance Setting” that will produce the most overall power throughout the entire RPM range. As a by-product of more power, the low end jerky throttle, lackluster mid-range and high RPM issues are completely resolved! The engine will be smoother, more powerful and it will run cooler due to better mapping. For this reason the MemJet Module will be of benefit to both stock and highly modified applications with or without catalytic converter! The Adjustable MemJet Module can be re-tuned as you further modify your application. Do not confuse the MemJet Module as an ADD Fuel ONLY Device. The MemJet Module just empowers the stock ECU to call-up the best on-board Injection and Ignition mapping for your stock or modified engine’s needs. The MemJet Module installation is completely reversible and your motorcycle can be restored to it’s original ECU settings in just a few minutes by removing the MemJet Module.

The new MEMJET power unit has a dial control which can be regulated from 0 to 10. By setting the dial to 0 you will have a standard condition which will give very little change. The dial will allow you to change the setting until you find the point which will give you the best carburetion. THe original bike setting is generally around 3 to 3.5 and by using the control you will be to increase the value to find the best carburetion. The ideal dial setting for the standard motorcycles or for motorcycles which have been lightly modified is 6. A dial setting of 5 is generally considered for all standard or lightly modified motorcycles.
If an exhaust system with a catalytic converter has been fitted on the motorcycle then a dial setting of 6 to 7.5 is recommended.
When your bike has to be checked for it's scheduled vehicle test, the MEMJET EVO power unit can also help in this situation. You do not have to remove the Memjet, instead you simply set the dial to 0 and you will be able to pass your vehicle test.
The new MEMJET EVO is natural evolution of the first MEMJET module. The working principles and settings are very similar however the MEMJET EVO will allow for a greater regulation of the settings.
We have worked on new electronics which follow in more detial the various climate changes and even small changes in temperature. For anyone who does not like to touch the various parts of their motorcycle, but want a no maintenance product which does not require interfering with the carburettor when large temperature changes occur, then the MEMJET EVO is the ideal  product for you!
The latest generation of engines must respect very strict anti pollution requirements and end up being penalized with moments of empty non intentional power distribution. It is underlined that the measurement of optimisation is now defined in terms of exhaust emissions and noise and not the performance.
The installation is completely reversible and your motorcycle can be restored to it's original settings in just a few minutes.  Basic Instructions

To fit the Memjet you will need to locate the air temperature sensor (IAT) which is located near the air box on most bikes or behind the dashboard/front headlight on Ducati bikes (please either check your user manual for the location or contact your reseller or DM Meccanica directly if you have any problems). Disconnect the plug connectors which are already attached to the IAT and attach the plug connectors of the Memjet module to the relevant connector of the IAT. The Memjet is now ready to use!
As some motorcycles run richer and others are leaner, we suggest that you start by using the Memjet with the dial set to zero and gradually increase the dial to a higher number until you find the setting which is best for your bike.
A slightly modified engine (sport exhaust, air filter etc.) will generally have a better performance with the dial set around 6 if the bike has an aftermarket exhaust system fitted. A setting between 6 and 7.5 or even 8 can be used when the catalytic converter has been removed. The original standard performance is to be found at zero. If the bike is running richer then the setting will probably need to be set between 2-4. You will feel from the performance of the motorcycle when the engine is running smoothly and it is not necessary to run a Dyno test.
Please avoid falling into the trap of thinking the higher the number the better the performance as it will vary depending on the bike. If it appears that you are losing the torque when you hit high speeds this most probably means that you have set the Memjet number too high and need to try a lower number. This is another reason why it’s better to start with a low number and to gradually turn the dial to a higher number. The Memjet is waterproof.


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